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We are a newly launched sustainable brand and our mission is simple; 'Re-loving fashion that already exists' .

The world is experiencing a sustainability crisis and the fast fashion industry is a major destructive player. From upcycling and recycling textiles, to shopping eco-conscious brands, there are various ways we can access fashion in a more sustainable and ethical way, however, our standpoint is, there is enough fashion in existence that we should be re-circulating. Before we create new fashion, and therefore further compromising human and environmental resources,  let's re-appreciate what we already have, that is, preloved fashion

'Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill'

- Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Our hope is that we inspire you to re-consider your fashion habits and recognise Preloved Fashion Pop-Up as your alternative to consuming fast fashion. We curate for style, so you feel special and empowered. Come along to our Pop-Ups and enjoy the excitement of finding unique preloved pieces! You do not need to choose between looking good and doing good for our planet- you can do both!     

We invite you to look good and do good at the same time!

Preloved Fashion Pop-Up is committed to re-loving fashion that already exists.

Let's love preloved, together.

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~ POP-UP ~

Shopping online has its advantages, but the greatest and most important downside is the absence of in-person interaction; the tangible, real life experience of shopping. Walking in store and looking around. Touching and feeling fabrics and textures. Trying on clothes and looking in the mirror. Shopping with friends or exploring alone. The thrill of finding something you love.  

Preloved Fashion Pop-Up embraces real life connections, preferring to pop up in a physical space instead of solely being online. We understand the modern digital world we live in, but, we don't want to lose the fundamental needs of human existence either, connection- the authentic desire to belong. To belong to a community, to be part of something, to create impact. 

'It was absolutely lovely meeting you! What an amazing vibe you give off when you interact with customers. You glow - but you know what? You make customers glow and that’s really such a wonderful thing. You give off such warmth - the perfect person to give people the confidence to shop and find what suits them'

- A very happy customer 

If you have ever visited one of our Pop-Ups, you would have seen smiles and heard laughter, had a chat about fashion, life and more, because it's what Preloved Fashion Pop-Up thrives on- real life connections. And, if you haven't visited a Pop-Up yet, we look forward to seeing you!  Subscribe to our mailing list and find out where we're popping up next! 

x Preloved Fashion Pop-Up x

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